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NATS was founded in 1961 as the Science Teaching Section of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences (NAS).  Within 8 years, the number of members jumped to 130 and NAS suggested we develop a constitution and leadership structure.  


In 1980, the name was changed to GNATS (Greater Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science) and we became an official NSTA chapter.  Four years later, we became a full division of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences. GNATS became NATS in 1990, dropping the term "Greater" from the name.


In 2020, after 60 years, we separated from NAS to become an independent organization.  We still affiliate with NAS and NSTA.


Currently, NATS boasts around 200 active members from all across the state.

Throughout our history, NATS members have been leaders in Science Education nationwide.  Many members have served as Executive Directors of NSTA, the National Association of Academies of Science, or other national and regional boards.

A more detailed history of NATS can be found here.

Our Bylaws

Passed 7/2021

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