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The Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science presents awards annually.  The Catalyst Award is the highest honor NATS bestows each year.  NATS also has presented Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching (PAEMST) since 1983.  GW Brown Award is presented by Gary Brown.

Catalyst Award


The CATALYST AWARD is given annually at the Fall Conference by the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science.  The Catalyst Award recognizes “contributions to science education in Nebraska.”

2019 Catalyst Winner

O'Neill Public Schools

For leading the way in integrated curriculum

Previous Catalyst Award Winners

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching (PAEMST) is the nation's highest honor for teachers of science.  Only one science teacher per state is awarded each year.

In Even Years, a K-6 Teacher is awarded.

In Odd Years, a 7-12 Teacher is awarded.

2019 PAEMST Recipient

Amy Leising

Omaha Zoo Academy

Previous Nebraska PAEMST Winners


GW Brown Company Pinnacle Award


Presented by Gary Brown to recognize outstanding leadership in Science Education. 

Each recipient receives a plaque and an antique microscope from Gary's collection.


2015 - Ed Brogie 
2014 - Dr. Kirsten Smith 
2013 - Dr. Sally Harms 
2012 - Jim Woodland 
2011 - Dr. Joan Christen 
2010 - Dan Sitzman 
2009 - Ross Dinwiddie

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