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Support for NCCRSS

The Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science, NATS, is proud to endorse the new Nebraska College and Career Ready Standards for Science.  These new standards, written by 50 science educators from all across Nebraska, ask students to “think like a scientist” as they learn.  These standards are consistent with, or even surpass, the standards recently passed in other states and ensures our students will be leading the way in the nation.  


Like many other states, Nebraska’s new standards are based on best-practices and lessons learned from the Framework for K-12 Science Education.  These practices include the Three Dimensions of Learning which requires students to engage in scientific practices and enables them to see how the lessons learned in the classroom directly apply to the world in which they live.  Further connections between the classroom and their state are also highlighted through Nebraska-specific examples.  


NATS stands behind the new standards and are proud of the work done by our science educators to improve science education in the state of Nebraska.


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